Monte Carlo Business Case Analysis in Python with pandas

I recently gave a talk at the Australian Python Convention arguing that for big decisions, it can be risky to rely on business case analysis prepared on spreadsheets, and that one alternative is to use Python with pandas.

The video is available here.

The slides for the talk are shown below – just click on the picture and then you can advance through the slides using the arrow keys. Alternatively, click here to see them in a new tab.

You can see the slides from the talk online here.

I also showed an ipython notebook, which you can find as a pdf here. The slides, the ipython notebook, and the beginnings of a library to make the analysis easier, are all at

3 thoughts on “Monte Carlo Business Case Analysis in Python with pandas”

  1. Excellent presentation Arthur! In recent times I have also started to think that R, python / pandas could form the core of a solution to the spreadsheet issues faced by accountants / finance professionals on a daily basis.

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