Ever deeper into the web

  • I tried putting my locally hosted pages in a subdirectory after all, and they don’t work.  Looks like a detour into mod_rewrite is required.
  • I wanted to add an entry to the user’s calendar using html5.  I found some sample code that uses WAC‘s deviceapis variable, but no information on how to gain access to this. This stack overflow post suggests that there is no way to do it with phone gap (at least as of late 2011), but there is a suggestion of generating an iCalendar file on the fly. And this doesn’t look hard to do, e.g. this stack overflow post and the wikipedia entry explain the format. I find (using my increasingly valuable localhost) that if I just point the browser to a test.ics file, it immediately opens up iCalendar with the new event.  And likewise, if a php script outputs the appropriate format and filename (as per the stack overflow post above). Time zone formatting is discussed here.

Just came across Indie Game: the Movie – I’ll have to go see it!